SAFETY: Every minute. Every day. Everyone.

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We are consistently striving to improve upon a culture of safety awareness throughout the organization. Safety is the first topic of our weekly meeting of upper management. Our job-site procedures and training sessions are very project and task specific. Our supervision understands quite well that their attitude about progressive safety management and putting safety procedures to work on the job-site is an important measure of their professional development.

Fall protection Safety

We employ safety professionals who are dedicated exclusively to improving the safety of our operations, and the health and well-being of our employees and those with whom we work. Our safety management continuously monitors new developments in construction safety, and updates our policies and procedures regularly. Derr and Isbell Construction maintains an aggressive program of safety training, internal inspections and audits, and management of substance abuse, including disciplinary measures for non-compliance. We typically exceed project safety requirements imposed by prime contractors or building owners.

Every project supervisor is OSHA 510 certified, and every crew foreman has OSHA 30 hour training. Project supervision and workers have numerous additional certifications of safety training for specific equipment use and job functions.

A good Project Specific Safety Plan is greatly enhanced by the support and participation of the structural steel fabricator. A critical element of steel erection safety is the safe design and connection of fall protection systems and access platforms, as well as the safe design of anchors and erection connections. It is important that these topics are part of thepre-construction, project-specific planning and detailing process.  Working closely with both fabricators and other trades is important to the safety of all.