Indy Topout S#7486A2

For decades, we have been employing and training experienced supervisors, equipment operators, and quality control professionals. We have developed policies and procedures to assure that our work will comply with your project specifications and industry codes and standards.

Long before the term “Project Specific Erection Plan” and certified task procedures became requirements for AISC Erector Certification, our companies were successfully developing detailed plans and engineered procedures for erecting heavy, complex structures requiring:

  • Heavy-lift equipment and rigging procedures
  • Extensive use of false-work and temporary foundations
  • Certified welding and bolting procedures and craftsmen
  • Area quality assurance inspection and turn-over documentation
  • Hydraulic jacking systems for lifting and adjustment of heavy elements
  • Construction bracing for structural integrity during all phases of erection
  • Temporary reinforcement of the structure for placement of equipment or other heavy construction loads
  • Reinforcement of large members to resist stresses due to lifting and shoring
  • Special movement of structures using rollers or skids
  • Installation and tensioning of heavy cable members

Perhaps the most telling evidence of the quality and reliability of our performance over the years rests in the fact that over 96% of our work in the last decade has been for repeat customers.


A.I.S.C. Advanced Certified Erector
PCI Certified Erector